Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Retreat - Northridge, California

'Christ lives in me!' This phrase alone made the whole retreat worth attending. It woke me up and opened my mind to the realization that Christ does live in me and I have to make myself worthy of His presence.

It is a way to spread the joy and our faith to others who need a little boost in their own lives.

"Precisely because it is Eucharistic Spirituality, the retreats and talks promoting Mystical Humanity of Christ as a way of prayer is helping the faithful quench their thirst for spirituality in the United States today. This is the work of the resurrected Christ and we are simply instruments responding to the choices He gives us."

Michael McDevitt
Executive Director and Custodian for the Writings of Servant of God Cora Evans


Spiritual Communion
1 min 24 sec
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4 min 46 sec
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