St. Rose of Lima Parish Retreat - Newtown, Connecticut

Monsignor Robert Weiss (Father Bob), Pastor

Over 150 parishioners attended this Lenten retreat, which was titled: "The Greatest Prayer the World has Ever Known"


I love how our fourteen-year-old daughter sacrificed a Saturday to be here with us. Especially with her Dad, my husband, and that my husband stepped out of his comfort zone to be here for me instead of playing golf!

Most meaningful was the opportunity to calmly and quietly reflect on the mystical aspects of the Mass. The questions provided a new way to approach the Mass and its meaning. Sharing viewpoints with table members was a highlight of the day.

The most enlightening part of the day was discovering that I am a "living chalice" of God - focusing on the Eucharist and how it becomes a living part of you. A reason to try to live each day as Christ wants.

We are especially grateful for the over 200 pieces of original artwork and expressions of faith provided by the students Saint Rose School. The children's artwork decorated the gym where over 150 parishioners participated in the event.

"Precisely because it is Eucharistic Spirituality, the retreats and talks promoting Mystical Humanity of Christ as a way of prayer is helping the faithful quench their thirst for spirituality in the United States today. This is the work of the resurrected Christ and we are simply instruments responding to the choices He gives us."

Michael McDevitt
Executive Director and Custodian for the Writings of Servant of God Cora Evans


Spiritual Communion
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