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Evening Reflections

centered on Jesus, Mary, & the Saints.

Evening Reflection

One full-day retreat
Evening reflection

An Evening with Jesus

What questions did the Master ask his disciples and others? More importantly, how would you answer those same questions today? During this evening we imagine what it would be like to be in conversation with Jesus.

Michael HusonAn Evening with Mary

Imagine walking side by side with Mary as she walks home from Calvary. In what way does she now understand her role in your life? In the midst of suffering she emanates a sense of eternal joy.

An Evening with the Saints

We make decisions and remake them. What decisions did the Saints make and what are the common threads that unite them all? Perhaps even more illuminating is our reflection on everyday saints.

Making Saints – How the Catholic Church Decides

Let’s go inside the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and explore the essential steps in making saints today. Based on a real story, this talk takes parishioners through each step in the process from the local Bishop to the Vatican.

The Remarkable Story of Servant of God Cora Evans

Cora Evans (1904-1957) wife, mother, convert from Mormonism, was entrusted with a very special mission by our Lord. Her spiritual director was the renowned Jesuit priest, Father Frank Parrish, S.J. (1911-2003). Cora’s cause in underway. The Vatican granted her cause the nihil obstat and declared her Servant of God. The prayer for her intercession has the Imprimatur. This is a story for all Catholics to hear. For more information about Cora Evans, please visit CoraEvans.com

Feedback from Participants

"As a convert, I tell people the whole of the 6th chapter of St. John is why I became a Catholic. I read it often. To have so much emphasis on the Eucharist and adoration restores my faith that the Universal Church is alive and well."

"Faith is what sustains me as I go through life and face people and events that do not necessarily go as I have planned. It allows me to turn to God to help me through because I trust that God has a plan even when I don’t know what it is."

"I think this prayer is a lovely way to start our day – to live our life as Jesus wants us to. To feel we have God indwelling in us gives life such a purpose."

"Listening to Cora Evans' journey from Mormonism to Catholicism, I felt it was really moving that with just a different interpretation of something can change someone’s whole mind. I found it was amazing that she could bi-locate and that she had the stigmata. Also, hearing the story of Cora Evans, who seemed to begin her life as someone so “ordinary,” but ended up allowing God to make her extraordinary."

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